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Add structured data with properties
Add structured data with properties

Use properties to add structured data to a note and organize your data in smart ways.

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Properties enable you to add structured data to your notes. With properties, you can assign work to other team members, set deadlines for your work, indicate progress, categorize data, or add attributes like your customer's name, customer segment, geography. You can also use properties to link data together. For example, you can link a prototype to one or multiple hypotheses.

Note: properties are specific to all notes in the same board.

We currently support the following property types:

  • Person – e.g. assign a note to someone

  • Date – e.g. set a deadline for a note

  • Text – e.g. add a URL or short description to a note

  • Select – e.g. add a status or data type

  • Multi-select – e.g. add multiple labels to a note, such as a research topic

  • Relation – e.g. relate one or more notes to each other across a stage

  • Tool – apply tools to a note with instructions and note templates

After applying properties to your notes, you can group your data by property in your board, or use them to filter, sort, and search notes on a board. You can also show the property values on the cards on the board directly.

Create a property

Creating a property is easy – simply open or create a new note and:

  • Click on "+ Add property"

  • Click on the property you just added to edit it

  • Enter a name for your property

  • Select a property type (e.g. "Select" or "Person") – the default type will be text

  • Start adding values in the property you just created

Update and reorder properties

A property's name can be updated by clicking on it. The type of a property can be changed by clicking on the property and selecting another "property value". However, be aware that the values stored in that field may be removed if the field type is changed!

Reordering properties can be done by hovering over the property's name, click-and-hold the 6 dots, and drag the drag handle (the 6 dots that appear in front of the property name).

Note that any changes you make to a property will immediately be reflected in all notes in the respective board!

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