Build a chain of evidence
Embed highlights or notes into other notes or related them through properties.
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NEXT allows you to build a chain of evidence through smart data connections in three ways:

  1. Embed a highlight into a note to connect the notes together

  2. Embed a note directly into another note to connect them

  3. Use the relation property to create links between notes

To embed a note or highlight into a note via the /command menu:

  • Open a note

  • Type "/" anywhere

  • In the /command menu under "NEXT" click "Note" or "Highlight"

  • In the pop-up, search the note or highlight you want to embed

  • Click it to embed it in the note

  • Click the embed to open the note or highlight

To add a highlight to an existing note via the highlights page:

  • Open the highlights page in the right-hand panel

  • Select 1+ highlights

  • Click "Add to note"

  • Search and click on the note to embed it

To relate one note to another note (in the same or another board):

  • Open a note

  • Make sure you have a relation property set up

  • Click the entry field for the relation property

  • Type the name of the note you want to connect

  • Click on it to relate the notes

  • You can click and open the related note in the property input field

Example use cases

  • If you're testing a prototype with users, you will likely have multiple hypotheses you want to test. In this scenario, you could have a "Prototypes", "Hypotheses" and "User tests" board. You can use the relation property to connect a prototype to its related hypotheses, to related user tests.

  • If you discovered user pains and needs, create a "User Pains & Needs" board. Add a note for each user pain or need and enrich them with evidence in the form of highlights from user research.

For more use cases and inspiration, take a look at NEXT Guides.

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