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Create & save views of your data
Create & save views of your data

Group, sort and filter your data in any way you like and save it as a view.

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The basics of views

Views are specific to each board; you can use views to show only specific notes, and apply other configurations to manage the data in that view. Each view can have its own unique configurations to group, sort, filter, and hide notes within a board.

Creating a view

Creating a view is simple, just follow these steps:

  • Click on the "view drop-down" in the left upper corner of your board

  • Click on "+ Add view"

  • Modify the configuration of the board by changing the grouping, filter, sort, and properties shown on the cards

  • Your board configuration will be automatically saved in the new view

Using the view drop-down

The "view" drop-down in the left upper corner of a board helps you navigate all of the views in a board. In the dropdown, you can add views, remove views, or rename views. Note you will not be able to delete all views, as this would remove your data. Instead, if you only have one view, this will become your default view.

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