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Use properties to group data in your board in different ways, making consuming data

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In NEXT you can group your notes together in a Kanban view by the property of your choosing. This provides you with the flexibility to work with and consume your data in any way you like.

Grouping notes

To group your notes, follow these steps:

  • Open up a board

  • Click on the "Group by ..." button located between the "Properties" and "Search" buttons

  • In the drop-down, select the property by which you want to group your notes (note that you cannot group by date property yet)

  • Once you selected a property you want to group by, the notes should automatically get re-ordered in your board

Drag notes between groups to re-assign property values

You can change the property values applied to a note in a group by clicking and dragging the note to a different group. For example, you could drag an interview assigned to one person to another person's group, and that task would automatically be re-assigned to the new person.

Add notes and apply a property at the same time

In any grouping, you can easily add a note to any group. That note will automatically get the property value of the group in which you added it. For example, you could create a note in a group that represents a person, and the note will automatically be assigned to that person.

Add property values via the board

You can add property values via the board for single- and multi-select properties. Simply open a board, apply a grouping and click on "+ Add group" to create a new property value.

You can also save a grouping as a view. For more information, read this article.

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