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Filter, search & manage highlights

Quickly find and edit tags & highlights across your boards in each stage.

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There are multiple ways in which you can search, filter, and manage your highlights. In this article, we'll explain them to you, so you can keep productive!

1. Search highlights

In the highlights side pane, you can easily search highlights on their content or tags:

  • Open the highlights panel

  • Click the πŸ”Ž icon in the right upper corner of your screen

  • Type text to search

2. Filter highlights on tags

You can filter your highlights on one or more tags:

  • Open the highlights panel

  • Click on the filter icon (triangle)

  • Select one or more tags you want to filter on
    ​Note: selecting multiple tags will only show highlights with all the selected tags applied

3. Remove tags from highlights from the highlights page

On the highlights page, you can easily remove tags from highlights:

  • Search the highlight you want to remove a tag from

  • Click the "x" on the tag to remove it

4. Bulk-add tags to highlights

To add a new tag to multiple highlights at the same time:

  • Select the highlights to which you want to add a new tag

  • Click on the 🏷 icon to add a new tag

  • Type the name of the new tag in the dialog that appears

  • Click "create"

  • The tag will be added to the selected highlights

5. Bulk-delete highlights

In case you don't need all your highlights any longer, you can easily delete one or multiple at the same time via the highlights page:

  • Select one or multiple highlights

  • Click the "Delete" icon (trash bin) on top of the highlights view

  • The highlight gets deleted

6. Edit & delete tags via highlights page

You can edit tags (delete, rename, change color) via the highlights view by following these steps:

  • Search a highlight with a tag you want to edit

  • Click on the tag to open the edit dialog

  • Rename it or change its color

    You can also delete the entire tag from your project here. Note that this will delete it from all highlights.

  • Click outside the dialog to save your changes

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