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Choose featured template publishers for your workspace
Choose featured template publishers for your workspace

Customize which template publishers show up in your workspace's template marketplace.

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If you're an administrator in NEXT, you have a couple of additional privileges over other users. In this article, we explain how to define which templates to show in your workspace's template marketplace.

Finding the Administration page

  • Log in to NEXT

  • From the home page, click on Administration

  • On top of the page, you'll find two tabs: Users and Templates

Configure featured publishers in your marketplace

  • Navigate to the Administration page

  • Open the Templates tab

  • Add the names of the publishers you want to show in your marketplace, separated by a column
    โ€‹See the table below with the values / names you need

  • Click outside the dialog to save it

If you want to only show templates from featured publishers, as you configured by following the steps above, make sure two enable this by switching the toggle.

Publishers with public content (use these names in your configuration)





Note: templates from your organization are typically only available for your workspace, not for other clients. If you want to show your organization as a featured publisher, add your organization's name in the list. This is typically the part of your workspace's URL that comes before "" (e.g. means you need to use ABC as a publisher name).

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