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What are System Requirements for NEXT?
What are System Requirements for NEXT?

Everything you need to know about system requirements – get up-and-running right away!

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Operating system

NEXT is a browser-based application and therefore runs on every common operating system such as Windows, MacOS X, and Linux. NEXT supports only operating system/browser combinations that are also officially supported by their vendors (mainstream support).


Your users require an evergreen browser to interact with NEXT (learn more about evergreen browser).

The list of supported browsers:

  • Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Safari

  • Edge

We support the last two stable versions of the supported browser. As always with evergreen browsers, it's advised to follow the best practice of upgrading to the latest stable versions. Most importantly, this avoids exposing users to security issues fixed in later versions of the browser. Upgrading also let users benefit from performance optimizations implemented by the browser vendors.

We don't optimize NEXT for a specific browser. Yet, we consistently measure the best performance on Chrome due to its superior rendering engine.

You require to use another browser? Please get in contact with NEXT Support.

NEXT is optimized for a minimum screen resolution of 1366x768.


None. NEXT is a SaaS solution and therefore doesn't require to be installed on your servers.

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