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Become a third-party app integration partner in NEXT
Become a third-party app integration partner in NEXT

Add your app to our command menu to virtually integrate iFrames in NEXT's editor.

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NEXT is the central workspace for innovation projects. Working through a project, users might use all kinds of specialized tools to create artifacts. Those artifacts can be easily embedded in the NEXT editor. The editor will show for each embedded artifact an iFrame provided by the tooling partner.

Example use cases:

  • Create a mockup in Figma or InVision

  • Use Miro as a digital whiteboard in a remote ideation session

  • Model revenue & profit in Excel/Office 365

How to become a tooling partner

Please reach out to if you're interested in becoming a tooling partner.

To become a tooling partner, your solution must have a live embed that can be inserted into an iFrame.

NEXT needs the following information to enable your tool in the editor:



URL pattern of embeddable files

Explanation of how to convert embeddable URLs into iFrame URLs (aka "live URL")

Name + description for the editor command menu


An icon in SVG format (this will be shown in a square space)

User authentication

NEXT does not pass any information about the logged-in user. Your iFrame embed, therefore, has to check a) who the user is and b) if the user is allowed to access the content in your embed. You could e.g. require the users to log into the embed or use a cookie set earlier when the user logged into your app.

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