Scalable Licensing Program

NEXT Scalable Licensing Program (SLP) is designed to let our client organizations easily scale product discovery and design in a risk-free manner. All clients on the Enterprise Plan are automatically enrolled into SLP. During the billing period (typically a year for a client on the Enterprise Plan), customers can add as many new users as needed, free of charge, to unlock additional NEXT usage in the company.

At the end of the billing period — the true-up date, and with the guidance of your dedicated Customer Success, customers alone decide the number of additional subscriptions needed for the following billing period. The contract will be adjusted moving forward, with no retroactive charges, so customers can anticipate NEXT usage growth and allocate subscriptions accordingly.

How it works

Customers on NEXT Enterprise Plan are typically billed on an annual basis. When companies sign up for an Enterprise subscription, we determine the number of subscriptions initially needed. We bill accordingly for the year upfront.

It’s common for the number of subscriptions to increase throughout the billing period. To make adding subscriptions and giving access to NEXT as frictionless as possible, we use a periodic true-up process under the Scalable Licensing Program. During your billing period, you can add as many users to your account with no upfront charges or commitment to purchase additional subscriptions.

Prior to the end of the billing period and before the true-up date, you'll review your account's activity with your Customer Success to gain insight into usage and adoption patterns. Ultimately, the decision on the number of subscriptions for the following billing period and who you pay for is your choice. You get to decide how many subscriptions you may need moving forward. On the true-up date, your contract will be adjusted moving forward with no retroactive charges on the additional subscriptions already used.

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