Risk Management
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NEXT has a comprehensive set of risk management principles, policies and procedures in place to identify new business and technical risks, and put plans in place to mitigate those risks. NEXT renews it's risk management posture regularly. The scope of risk management at NEXT includes:

  • Engineering

  • Information Security

  • Finance

  • Human Resources

  • Legla

  • Sales

Risk principles

NEXT believes that effective risk management involves:

  • A commitment to the security and availability of NEXT infrastructure and services from senior management.

  • The involvement, cooperation and insight of all NEXT staff.

  • A commitment to initiating risk assessments, starting with discovery and identification of risks.

  • A commitment to the thorough analysis of identified risks.

  • A commitment to a strategy for treatment of identified risks.

  • A commitment to communicate all identified risks to the company.

  • A commitment to encourage the reporting of risks and threat vectors from all NEXT staff.

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