Vendor management
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NEXT relies on vendors to perform a variety of services, some of which are critical for operations. NEXT aims to manage its relationship with vendors and manage the risk associated with engaging third parties to perform services.

Risk assessments

NEXT conducts due diligence on an individual vendor's security, business practices, and legal commitments. This assessment includes a review of supply chains for modern slavery. NEXT's vendor management policy provides a framework for managing the lifecycle of vendor relationships.

Data subprocessors

NEXT utilizes some vendors as data subprocessors to provide the NEXT services. NEXT takes a risk-based approach to selecting data subprocessors based on the security and business practices of these vendors. To minimize our risk and the risk to our customers, we aim to utilize as few data subprocessors as possible to provide the NEXT services.
NEXT's data subprocessors are listed at Data subprocessors.

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