NEXT utilizes industry-standard cloud infrastructure vendors to provide the NEXT service. NEXT's infrastructure is primarily managed through Amazon Web Services (AWS), and is complemented by additional secondary infrastructure vendors to provide specific features within the NEXT application, like natural language processing and transcription.

Primary infrastructure

Principally, the NEXT application leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) for infrastructure hosting.

The NEXT application is hosted in the Amazon Web Services AWS eu-west-1 region located in Ireland in the European Union.

Amazon Web Services has been granted formal certification, attestation, and audit reports for ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3, and more – the full list of compliance resources is available on the Amazon Web Services security page.

Feature-specific infrastructure

NEXT also makes use of secondary cloud infrastructure providers to process data for specific features of the web application. The use of these features is optional within the web application.

Data is sent to these providers temporarily and stored for a brief period of time in order to perform the functionality of the feature, and is subsequently permanently deleted after the functionality has been performed. No data is permanently stored or hosted within these infrastructure providers.

Automated audio/video transcription

NEXT utilizes for automated audio transcription. Upon use of the NEXT web application’s automated transcription feature, the audio/video file to be transcribed is sent to All communication with is encrypted in transit using HTTPS and Transport Layer Security 1.2. Audio/video files temporarily stored with are encrypted at rest.

Audio/video files sent to for transcription are deleted immediately through explicit request after the finalized transcript is received by NEXT application. In addition to this, an automated deletion policy has been configured to automatically delete all completed transcription jobs sent to every 24 hours.

All data is hosted and processed using Amazon Web Services AWS eu-central-1 region located in Frankfurt, Germany in the European Union.

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