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Logging and monitoring
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NEXT application and infrastructure uses industry-standard tooling and multiple logging layers to monitor the application health and alert the engineering team when something is not working as expected.

Application logging

NEXT utilizes Amazon CloudWatch and Amazon CloudTrail for application logging and monitoring to help diagnose and fix issues within NEXT. Application error logs are stored in AWS for at least 30 days and are used to help investigate issues raised from automatic alarms raised via Cloudwatch and CloudTrail.

Infrastructure logging

NEXT utilizes Amazon CloudWatch and CloudTrail to log, monitor, and alert on resource allocation and operational performance of the infrastructure of the NEXT web application. Infrastructure logs are stored for at least 365 days.

Audit logging

NEXT utilizes Amazon CloudTrail to enable governance, compliance, and operational risk auditing of operations and actions taken on Amazon infrastructure and services. Audit logs are stored indefinitely.
NEXT also utilizes Drata to help monitor security related events and misconfigurations. Examples include new user accounts in our IdP and employee account permission changes.

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