Physical separation
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NEXT operates an AWS serverless architecture. This approach allows developers to develop and run NEXT without having to manage the underlying infrastructure. Developers can write and deploy code, while AWS provisions servers to run the applications, databases, and storage systems offering NEXT infinite scalability.

Physical separation for Enterprise Workspaces

NEXT operates each Enterprise Worskpaces in a dedicated AWS account. All resources for an Enterprise workspace are placed in a dedicated AWS account β€” offering strong workspace separation.

Each AWS account has therefore its own instances of DynamoDB tables and Lambda functions.

To keep the multitude of AWS accounts manageable, we added centralized deployment infrastructure, which provisions the tenant-specific environments.

Local data residency

Enterprise clients can choose to host their physically separated Workspace in any of the 27 geographic location offered by AWS in Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Australia or New Zealand.

See the complete list of data residency options here.


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