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NEXT AI security, privacy, and other commitments
NEXT AI security, privacy, and other commitments
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At NEXT, your privacy and data security is our #1 priority.

Our AI feature uses the same high standards of security and privacy as the rest of our product, including GDPR compliance, data residency commitments, and SOC 2 Type II obligations.

We use multiple models depending on the use case and take advantage of the latest advancements in generative AI and language models. The data submitted through NEXT AI is used for the sole purpose of providing you with the NEXT AI features.

We do not allow any subprocessor to use your data for training their models or any other purposes.

Can NEXT AI be turned Off?

NEXT AI can be turned on or off by workspace admins.

  • For Free clients, NEXT AI is turned on by default. This is designed to give you the full power of the NEXT platform during your initial use and evaluation of the application.

  • For Enterprise clients, NEXT AI is turned off by default. This is designed to make sure you stay in control of your data and turn on the feature at your discretion.

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of privacy and data security for all our customers. We will continue to monitor and update our practices to ensure that we are always meeting these standards. For more information specific to the NEXT AI feature, please refer to our privacy policy and the NEXT AI Supplementary Terms.

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