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How to use Zapier
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With Zapier, you build simple automations called Zaps that work in the background and automate your work. For example, you can create a Zap that automatically announces a new NEXT Story to Slack, or create a Zap that creates a NEXT Recording whenever a user interview was completed on Zoom.

Every Zap has a trigger app, that kicks off the automation and causes an action to happen in another app. Zapier is the connection between these apps and allows you to connect and automate the tools you use to run your business.


  • NEXT account

  • Zapier account

Triggers with NEXT

Triggers mean that when something occurs in NEXT, Zapier causes an action in another app.

Available Triggers with NEXT:

  • When a story is created

Actions with NEXT

Actions mean that when something occurs in another app, Zapier causes an action in NEXT.

Available Actions with NEXT:

  • Create a recording (Note: the import_urls must be public. For example, in Zoom you need to remove password protection for your recordings)

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