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Managing users in your workspace
Managing users in your workspace

Learn more about activating, deactivating, and inviting users in bulk.

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If you're an administrator in NEXT, you have a couple of additional privileges over other users. In this article, we explain how to manage users in your workspace.

Note: Some of the functionalities described here are not available when using an enterprise user directory and SSO.

Finding the Administration page

  • Log in to NEXT

  • From the home page, click on Administration

  • On top of the page, you'll find two tabs: Users and Templates

Find a user

To find the user you're looking for:

  • Navigate to the Users page in Administration

  • Hover over the Name column header

  • Click the "..." on the right of "name"

  • User the sort or filter options to search the user you want to modify

Change a user's role

  • Find the user from whom you want to change the role

  • In the column Account type, click on the drop-down

  • Click on the role you want to give to the user

For more information about user roles, check out this article.

Activate or Deactivate users

Deactivating a user will prevent the user from being able to log in to NEXT while retaining all the data that is connected to that user. For example, you can deactivate users when they are leaving your company. To deactivate (or activate) a user:

  • Navigate to the Administration page

  • Find the user you want to (de-)activate

  • Switch the toggle in the column "Activated"

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