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Artificial Intelligence (AI)
How does artificial intelligence (AI) work?
How does artificial intelligence (AI) work?
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Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to human-produced technologies that apply in a systematic manner large sets of data to an iterative model. This allows such technologies to predict results, generating mathematical or linguistic outputs in response to an input by the user of the AI.

  • It finds patterns in a massive set of data, referred to as training data, to create a model

  • It then tests its model by asking a question it already knows the answer to, and analyzing how accurate its answer is. The data generated by the AI is referred to as test data

  • Over time and with more inputs and test data, it learns and iterates on the model

πŸ‘‰ Artificial intelligence is an extremely complex science made up of machine learning, natural language processing, and other advanced technologies. While we aim to provide practical context behind the AI features in NEXT, this guide is not a comprehensive resource on the topic of artificial intelligence.
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