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What are some of the current limitations of NEXT AI?
What are some of the current limitations of NEXT AI?
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While NEXT's AI feature is designed to be accurate and reliable, it's important to keep in mind that all AI outputs are limited and AI continues to be an area of rapid research and development. Limitations in AI as a whole can be attributed to many different causes, including but not limited to: narrow inputs, systemic biases, limited quantity of training or test data, or poor quality of training or test data.

As a result, NEXT AI:

  • may output incorrect information.

  • may output incomplete or outdated information

  • may contain bias and output biased responses

Artificial intelligence and machine learning models can improve over time to better address specific use cases. In the meantime, users can use the provided tools to flag any inappropriate responses to our engineers so they can work on improving the accuracy and reliability of the AI.

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