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Fine-tune NEXT AI with Custom Instructions
Fine-tune NEXT AI with Custom Instructions

Steering NEXT AI towards more precise UX discoveries

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Artificial Intelligence is an impressive technology, but it doesn’t always grasp the specific nuances of diverse projects or individual user needs. Enter AI Custom Instructions – your bridge to shaping AI understanding and responses to fit your context.

Think of these as your personal directions to the AI. They're system messages integrated into every AI-driven action, whether it's AI stories, highlight extraction, or AI chats. They serve as guiding notes, fine-tuning the AI's comprehension and ensuring it delivers the most relevant answers.

Use Cases

Here are a couple of ways AI Custom Instructions can be utilized:

  • Providing Context: Imagine your team is deep-diving into a particular app module. Input a custom instruction: "Act as a senior UX researcher. You investigate the billing module of our car entertainment app." This nudges the AI towards insights tailored for that specific context.

  • Research Focus: For projects focusing on a particular platform or device, an instruction might be, "Act as a user tester. Focus on feedback related to tablet usage." Similarly, "Act as a UX researcher. Focus on feedback about accessibility" guides the AI what to look for.

  • Cultural Sensitivity: In cases where a product is being launched in a new region or has cultural implications, an instruction could be, "Act as a researcher. Evaluate from the perspective of South Asian cultural norms."

  • Language Preferences: Seeking responses in a certain language? Direct the AI accordingly. For instance, to get replies in Spanish, guide it with: "Act as a senior UX researcher. Always respond in Spanish."

How to configure AI Custom Instructions

Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the teamspace header and click on the 'more' menu option.

  2. From the dropdown, select the "AI Custom Instructions" option.

Good to Know

As you embark on using this feature, here are some points to consider:

  • Consistency Across Team: Custom instructions are shared across all members of a teamspace to ensure uniformity. For instance, if one team member instructs the AI to respond in Spanish and another in English, it would otherwise create inconsistencies when browsing the highlights library.

  • AI’s Autonomy: Custom instructions are guides, not commands. For instance, if you instruct the AI to "Respond in Spanish" it's more likely to do so if the recording is already in Spanish.

  • With great power comes great responsibility: These instructions can interfere with the preset response patterns of NEXT AI. If the AI falters or seems off-track, consider revising or removing your custom instructions. For assistance in crafting effective instructions, don't hesitate to connect with NEXT Support.

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