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What are the current functions of NEXT AI?
What are the current functions of NEXT AI?
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The new NEXT AI capability is a game changer for UX researchers and product teams. NEXT AI will accelerate time-to-impact of UX research by reducing the time/resources for data analysis and output creation by as much as 85%.

Some of the current functions include:

  • Transcribe recordings β€” after you've uploaded the recording of a user interview or usability test, NEXT AI will identify the language (today we support 48 languages), transcribe the recording into text, identify the speakers, and time stamp the entire transcript.

  • Analyze recordings β€” NEXT AI can analyze customer sessions extracting key customer moments. NEXT AI will clip the recording and create reels, highlight the transcript, tag the highlight with keywords, and summarize the highlights with a brief title.

  • Create stories β€” to quickly share the gist of a customer session with your team, NEXT AI will select and stitch together relevant highlights from a recording and provide a short summary with key points from the session.

We continue to invest in AI and will continue to introduce new use cases and capabilities in the near future.

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