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Understand your NEXT Home

Get to know the "Home" page in NEXT.

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Your “Home” page in NEXT is the place where you can find all teamspaces that you’re part of. It’s your starting point in NEXT, unless you have been invited directly into a teamspace.

Create a teamspace

💡 A teamspace is your main working area in NEXT. Typically, it’s used for grouping people working in a product team together in a single space. Teamspaces are used to centralize all customer interactions, insights, and big picture ideas.

To create a teamspace in NEXT:

  • Navigate to “Home”

  • Click “Create teamspace”

  • Name your teamspace in the top navigation menu

Search teamspaces

Once your work in NEXT evolves, the number of teamspaces you’re a part of will increase. To quickly find the relevant one:

  • Navigate to “Home” in the left side menu

  • On top of the page, click into the search field “Search teamspaces…”

  • Write the name of the teamspace you’re looking for

Favorite teamspaces

Generally, you’ll work in one or two teamspace at a time. To make sure they’re easily accessible, you can favorite them:

  • Find the teamspace you want to favorite

  • Click the star icon ⭐️ in front of the teamspace name

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