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Navigate and manage a teamspace

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Welcome to your NEXT teamspace! This guide will help you navigate through the various features and functionalities within your teamspace. Whether you're new to NEXT or looking to explore more deeply, this article is your go-to resource.

Ask AI

The “Ask AI” page is where you can interact directly with NEXT's AI for answers to your questions based on customer insights. It’s your starting point for:

  • Generating product requirements, personas, bug reports, and more using AI.

  • Asking specific questions and getting AI-driven answers based on your data.

To access “Ask AI,” simply find it in the top navigation your teamspace. Use it for finding evidence for day-to-day product decisions.


The “Library” is a the hub within your teamspace for all your raw data, analysis and insights. It consists of:


  • Purpose: Store and manage your customer interaction recordings, such as interviews, usability tests, sales calls, support tickets, survey responses, and more.

  • Accessing: Click on “Library” and then select “Recordings” to view and manage all your uploaded or imported recordings.


  • Purpose: Find, organize and share key insights extracted from your recordings.

  • Usage: Navigate to “Library,” then “Highlights” to view, edit, tag, share and cluster highlights. These are crucial for understanding customer interactions at a glance.


  • Purpose: Group related highlights to validate big-picture ideas, such as assumptions, top findings or other artifacts.

  • How to Use: From “Library,” go to “Clusters” to create, view, or edit clusters. This helps in validating big-picture ideas and making data-driven decisions.

Inviting People

Expanding your team's collaboration within NEXT is easy and intuitive:

  1. How to invite: Look for the “Share” button, located in the right upper corner of your teamspace.

  2. Inviting Team Members: Click on “Share” and then select “Invite People.” You can enter the email addresses of the individuals you wish to invite.

  3. Sending Invitations: After entering the emails, click “Invite” to send them an invitation to join your teamspace.

Deleting your teamspace

  1. In the top navigation, click the three dots […]

  2. Click “Delete”

Renaming your teamspace

  1. Open your teamspace

  2. In the top navigation menu, click on the name to rename it

Set up teamspace integration

Some integrations are bound to your teamspace, such as Jira, Github and Linear. To set them up:

  1. Open your teamspace

  2. Navigate to the top menu

  3. Click the three dots [...] behind the teamspace name

  4. Click "Sharing"

  5. In the dialog, pick the tool you'd like to integrate with and fill in the details

For more information on setting up integrations, please take a look at our help articles about Integrations.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at Happy exploring in NEXT!

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