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Follow these steps to quickly get started with the essentials.

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Onboarding with NEXT

This page will help you to get started on your journey with NEXT. We'll take you through the set up, how to upload and analyze your first recordings, how to use the AI chat, and finally, how to share videos and deliverables out of NEXT. We'll also walk through the most impactful use cases for NEXT - by the end of this article, you’ve put Product Discovery on autopilot!

Quick NEXT demo

Part 1: Getting Started with NEXT

Signing Up

Sign up via our website

  • Navigate to NEXT website

  • Select “Sign up”

  • Enter your email and create a password

  • Check your email for a 6-digit verification code

  • Enter this code on the NEXT page

  • Log into your new account

Note: For a quicker sign-up, use “Sign up with Google” or “Sign up with Apple”.

Join by invitation

  • Open the invitation email

  • Click the sign-up link

  • Follow the standard sign-up process as above

Log in via SSO

  • If “Log in with SSO” is available, select it

  • Use your organization’s credentials (like a Microsoft account)

  • Contact your organization’s administrator or if you face issues

Part 2: Your First Steps in NEXT

Create a Teamspace

Follow these steps:

  • After logging in, you’ll see a welcome screen

  • Enter a name for your teamspace and click “Get started”

Upload or Import your first Recordings

Follow these steps:

  • On the “Ask AI” page, choose “Upload recording” and select your files

  • Or, choose “Import from Zoom,” sign into Zoom, and select files to import

  • Wait for NEXT to transcribe and analyze the recordings

Ask AI 💬

Once the recordings are done, you’re ready to start talking with NEXT AI – ask for insights or ask it to created UX artifacts or product deliverables:

  • On the Ask AI chat page, click a “prompt template” to get high-quality answers

  • Or, enter your own prompt at the bottom of the page

  • AI will use all the highlights it identified in your uploaded recordings and answer you

Part 3: Working with Highlights

Reviewing AI-Generated Highlights

  • Go to “Library” > “Recordings”

  • Open a recording to see its highlights on the left

  • Click a highlight to view it in the transcript

Editing and Creating Highlights

  • Click a highlight’s title to edit

  • Use “Add tags” to categorize highlights

  • To manually create a highlight, select text in a transcript and click on “Create highlight”

Part 4: Start working with the chat – "Ask AI"

Using the AI Chat

  1. Click on “Ask AI” in the top navigation to open the chat page

  2. Click on a prompt template button

  3. Let the AI do the work!

ℹ️ Prompt templates are pre-defined prompts with a search on your highlights. They let you experience high quality chat responses with a single click.

Prefer to type a prompt yourself? Follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Ask AI” in the top navigation to open the chat page

  2. At the bottom of the page, enter your prompt

  3. Click “Enter” and let the chat respond to your question

ℹ️ Tip: as you add more data to NEXT, it helps to provide the chat with additional context. On top of the “Ask AI” page, you’ll find a search box.

To feed context to the chat:

  1. Open the “Ask AI” chat page

  2. In natural language, describe the types of highlights you’d like the chat to use. For example: “Insights related to navigation and signup”.

  3. Enter your prompt in the chat input field at the bottom and hit “Enter”

  4. The chat will only run on highlights relevant to that search term and give you more precise answers.

ℹ️ You can also enter tags you’ve used for highlights or a timeframe (e.g. only use highlights created in the last month).

Part 5: Sharing Chat Responses

Sharing with your teamspace members

  • Click “Share” on a chat response

  • Choose “Play as story” to create a video link

  • Share this link with your teamspace members

External Sharing

  • Select “Integration settings” in the “Share” menu

  • Choose a tool (like Jira or Github) and follow the steps to connect and share

Some integrations cannot be connected via “Integration settings”, like “Slack”. Instead, they need to be connected via your personal settings:

  • In the side menu, click “Personal settings”

  • Scroll to the section “Integrations”

  • Choose the tool to connect with (e.g. Slack)

  • Follow the steps to authorize the connection

  • Go back to a chat, click “Share” and click the tool you’ve connected

Part 6: Start using Clusters

ℹ️ Where the chat is designed to answer questions and build deliverables, Clusters are designed to help you validate big-picture ideas. Clusters are essentially the reverse of the chat. They can represent assumptions you want to validate, top findings you’re building, backlog tickets you’re enhancing with evidence, or more. Once you’ve created a cluster and described them, NEXT AI will automatically find supporting highlights in your data to let you nurture clusters automatically and put discovery on autopilot. For a deep-dive into use cases for Clusters, click here.

Creating Clusters

  • From a chat response, click the “Cluster” icon to auto-generate

  • Or, select highlights in the “Library” → “Highlights” and click “Create cluster” at the bottom

  • To start from scratch, go to “Library” → “Clusters” and click “Add a cluster”

Sharing Clusters

  • Open a cluster and select “Share”

  • Copy the link to share publicly or adjust settings for restricted access

  • For sharing via tools like Slack, set up integrations in your personal settings or click “Share settings” in the dropdown

Nurture and enrich Clusters

ℹ️ AI will automatically suggest highlights to add to clusters based on the title and description of a cluster. This lets you put product discovery on autopilot and enrich clusters with evidence in the background.

  • Open a “Cluster”

  • Make sure it has a title and description

  • See highlights appear under “AI suggestions”

  • Click “Add” to add a suggested highlight

  • Choose “Reject” if the highlights doesn’t fit to the cluster

Part 7: Team Collaboration

Inviting Your Team

Follow these steps:

  • In your teamspace, click “Share”

  • Enter and select email addresses

  • Click “Invite” to send them an invitation to join NEXT

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