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How to provide debug information to the NEXT Support team?
How to provide debug information to the NEXT Support team?

Help our engineers help you solve any issues!

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Our engineers resolve most issues based on our monitoring and test systems. Yet, in rare cases, they might have to "look into your browser" to understand what's going on.

This page explains how to capture the input required to enable our engineers to help you further. The explanation and screenshots refer to the Chrome browser, which provides the best information for our engineers. You can find on the bottom of this page how to activate the Developer Tools in Firefox and Edge (the other steps are the same). Please reach out to Support if it's not possible to use any of those browsers in your organization.

Step 1: Activate Developer Tools

  1. Open Chrome (see bottom of this page for other browsers)

  2. Click the menu icon in the upper, right corner

  3. Select More tools > Developer tools

4. Open the Network tab in the Developer Tools:


You can make the Developer Tool section smaller if it occupies too much of your screen space.

Step 2: Reproduce issue

With the Developer Tools open:

  1. Log into https://<YOUR-COMPANY> (e.g.

  2. Browse to the point where you observed the issue (e.g. open project, go to Workspace, open specific phase, etc.)

  3. Take the steps to reproduce the issue

Step 3: Send console output to Support

After reproducing the issue:

  1. Right click on any row of the Network tab and select Save as HAR with Content

  2. Select the Console tab

  3. Right-click anywhere in the console and select Save as....

  4. Share the two downloaded files by attaching them to the existing Support ticket or send an email to

  5. For UX issues: please share as well a screenshot of the application where the issue is visible

  6. Please describe also what behavior you would have expected instead (this helps us to detect UX issues, e.g. the app does technically the right thing but it's too confusing for users)

Other browsers


To open Developer Tools with Firefox:

  1. Click menu icon in the upper, right corner

  2. Select "Developer"

  3. Select "Web Console"

  4. Move on with "Step 2"

Edge (Microsoft)

To open Developer Tools with Edge:

  1. Click menu icon in the upper, right corner

  2. Select "Developer Tools"

  3. Open tab "Console"


Q: Can this leak confidential information?

HAR exports are a feature of your browser to provide an inside view. This means that the files might contain anything that your browser knows when you have the NEXT app open. This includes a.o. text from your Notes, names of projects, private/protected links to embeds, etc.

It's therefore advisable to treat HAR files similar to memory dumps: Review the HAR file before sharing, clear them from any information that you don't want to share, and share them only with people who really need them. For example, you can open the HAR file in a text editor and overwrite confidential Note titles with "XXX".

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