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What are Highlights?

Highlights are the analysis of the recordings you added to NEXT. They are generated by NEXT AI automatically or manually by you.

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Simply put, highlights in NEXT are the key insights that can be derived from the transcripts of your recordings. As a reminder, your recordings will generally represent customer interactions, such as customer interviews, CS calls, customer care calls, survey data or usability tests. See the highlights as the analysis of your raw data.

Highlights can be created automatically by NEXT's AI or manually by the user.

Let NEXT AI create highlights

To let NEXT AI create the first set of highlights from your recordings automatically, all you need to do is upload a recording (audio, video or text), wait for the transcription to finish, give AI a few moments to analyze it. Within 1-2 minutes, the AI will have extracted key insights from your recording, such as user pains, needs, positive feedback, or anything else that might be relevant for making more informed product decisions.

Manually create highlights in recordings

In case the AI missed some highlights in your recordings, you can always go into the recording to create highlights manually or tweak AI-generated highlights. All you need to do is navigate to your recordings library, open a recording, and select text to start creating highlights. For more information on creating highlights, here's a quick guide.

What do highlights consist of?

Highlights are created from the selected text in a transcript of a recording. In NEXT, every recording is either audio or video (even if you've uploaded a text file) and every word in that transcript is time-stamped. This means that based on the highlight you or the AI creates, we know the start and end point in the media file. With that in mind, here are the key elements of a highlight:

  • Audio or video clip

  • Highlighted text from your transcript

  • A highlight title (this is what the AI chat runs on, so it's important to make this descriptive!)

  • Tags for easy organization

What can I do with highlights?

Highlights are the key insights collected from your recordings. They make your raw data consumable and shareable. There are tons of relevant use cases for them – here are a few examples:

👋 Need help?

Do you have questions about highlights, needs some inspiration, or need specific help? Feel free to reach out to us via the support chat (pink bubble right bottom corner) or send an email to

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