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What data does NEXT store?
What data does NEXT store?
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What is NEXT?

NEXT is a cloud-delivered product discovery platform. Teams use NEXT to engage with users and customers, gather evidence of their unmet needs and aspirations, and use the insights to inform product decisions and investments. Rooted in UX and research ops, NEXT lets researchers, analysts, designers, and product managers record, analyze, organize, and share qualitative data.

What data does NEXT store?

When provisioning a user account, users must provide personal information such as their email address, full name, and optionally, a profile photo.

While using the services, authorized users can upload, import, or directly enter any data such as text, images, audio, video, or any other files.

To best understand the data that you expect to store in NEXT, we recommend talking to the individuals and end-users who will be using NEXT. Most NEXT customers will store research data such as interview recordings, usability testing sessions, transcripts, customer feedback, audio files, and other research data. The data that you enter into NEXT may vary depending on the use cases of your individual end-users.

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