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What are Recordings?
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Recordings are a crucial part of the Library section in your teamspace. It serves as a repository for your raw customer interaction data. Here, you can upload audio, video, or text files from customer interactions.

  • Audio/Video Files: When you upload these files, NEXT automatically transcribes them, supporting over 99 languages and identifying different speakers. The system extracts key insights, referred to as "highlights," from these transcripts.

  • Text Files: For text-based data, NEXT converts the text into audio format and then performs a similar extraction of key insights.
    You can upload files as Word documents (*.docs) or as plain text files (*.txt).

๐Ÿ‘‰ In each recording, no matter the format, NEXT AI will identify key insights, often called "key customer moments". We refer to these insights as "Highlights". Each highlights is turned into a short audio or video clip, depending on the raw data from which it was created. Highlights are shareable, consumable insights that can be shared with others. Ultimately, NEXT's AI chat feature use the highlights as underlying data for its answers.

โš ๏ธ Note: users can also create highlights manually, in case the AI overlooked an insights

Integration and Uploading

  • Users have the flexibility to manually upload recordings or import them directly from various external tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams (via Zapier), Google Meet, and Zendesk.

Practical Use Cases

  • Customer Interaction Analysis: Ideal for transcribing and analyzing diverse customer calls like interviews, sales calls, or Customer Success interactions.

  • Survey Data Interpretation: Useful for processing qualitative data from survey tools, extracting meaningful insights.

  • Support Interaction Insights: Analyze data from support chats and tickets, useful for platforms like Zendesk or Intercom.

  • Text Document Analysis: Upload and process long-form text documents for in-depth analysis.

  • Video Content Insights: Enables the extraction of insights from YouTube video content, such as product reviews.

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