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Welcome to NEXT
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Welcome to NEXT

Welcome! We’re glad you’re here 👋

NEXT is an AI-powered product discovery platform that turns any customer interaction into actionable product insights. It understands every customer interaction, delivers insights at scale, letting product teams bring their customers into every decision.

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Here are a few links to help get you on your way with NEXT:

  • How to add your customer interactions to NEXT

  • How to get the most out of the AI chat

  • How to use clusters to put product discovery on autopilot

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Why use NEXT?

NEXT empowers teams to build better products faster and more cost-effectively by anchoring product decisions in customer insights rather than assumptions. It significantly reduces the high costs associated with correcting requirements during development and after release. With AI-driven tools, NEXT transforms customer interactions into actionable insights, allowing for confident, data-backed product decisions. This approach streamlines research, avoids the pitfalls of traditional project-based methods, and ensures that every product decision is validated with real user feedback.

  • Build better assets that drive top line growth

  • Accelerate time to asset market-fit

  • Lower asset developments costs by up to 50% to protect bottom line

How does NEXT fit into my workflow?

In your product development workflow, NEXT fits seamlessly by using AI to centralize and make sense of customer insights. It's designed for Product Managers, UX Designers, and the wider product team, offering:

  1. Centralization of Customer Data: Collect diverse customer feedback such as interviews, usability tests, and support tickets into NEXT for comprehensive analysis.

  2. AI-Driven Data Analysis: Break down raw data into meaningful insights, helping in crafting focused user stories, bug reports, and product requirement documents (PRDs).

  3. Efficient Research Artifact Creation: Empower UX designers to use AI for building research artifacts, streamlining the design process.

  4. Speeding Up Development: Make informed decisions faster, accelerating the development process.

  5. Seamless Integration: Fits smoothly with your existing tool stack, enhancing the product development workflow.

How do I get started with NEXT?

After you signed up:

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