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Create Custom AI Prompt Templates
Create Custom AI Prompt Templates

Create your own prompt templates for the AI chat. Templates can be configured to run on all your data or a subset of your data.

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Introduction to Prompt Templates

AI prompt templates in NEXT are a powerful tool for streamlining interactions with NEXT's AI chat interface. These templates allow you to initiate AI chats quickly, without the need for repetitive typing and engineering of elaborate prompts or defining searches on highlights each time to enhance chat response quality.

Why Prompt Templates?

  • Prompt templates are great for automating discovery routines, such as sharing feedback with key stakeholders.

  • They offer tons of productivity enhancements by letting you create product deliverables, such as User Stories and Bug Reports, or UX artifacts, such as Personas or User Journeys, all with a single click!

  • They let you build NEXT into your (existing) routines in an easy way

Types of Prompt Templates

NEXT offers five types of prompt templates, each catering to different levels of interaction:

1. Teamspace-Level Prompt Templates

These prompt templates will appear on the "Ask AI" chat page. They are ideal for queries spanning an entire teamspace or a predefined search on highlights. Typical use cases include crafting User Personas, Product Requirements Documents (PRDs), Executive Summaries, and more.

2. Recording-Level Prompt Templates

These templates can be found when clicking "Ask AI" on a single recording. Navigate to the Recordings Library, hover over a recording, and click "Ask AI". They will start the chat on highlights from that specific recording.

3. Multi-Recording Prompt Templates

These can be used after selecting multiple recordings in the Recordings Library. They let you initiate a chat based on only the highlights from the selected recordings. Great for narrowing down the context of the AI chat to a subset of your data.

4. Highlight-Level Prompt Templates

Available when selecting "Ask AI" on a single highlight, perfect for detailed inquiries like writing bug reports.

5. Multi-Highlight Prompt Templates

These templates pop up when selecting multiple highlights in the Highlights Library. They're great for feeding exact context and evidence to the chat. When using these templates, you ensure the chat you initiate only uses the highlights of your choice as context and evidence.

Example Use Cases

  • Teamspace-Level Prompt Templates: Create UX deliverables, summarize research topics, draft Product Requirements Documents, and more.

  • Recording-Level Prompt Templates: Summarize single recordings, draft follow-up emails, or write meeting minutes.

  • Multi-Recording Level Prompt Templates: Extract user pains, draft personas, or create user stories from interview insights.

  • Highlight-Level Prompt Templates: Generate bug reports or suggest solutions to pain points.

  • Multi-Highlight Level Prompt Templates: Summarize and cluster highlights on similar topics, prepare presentations for stakeholders, or prioritize insights based on product strategy.

Getting Started with Prompt Templates

Create or modify AI Prompt Templates

  1. Open a teamspace and click the three dots [...] behind the teamspace name in the top menu.

  2. Familiarize yourself with existing templates

  3. Modify any of the pre-existing templates or create new ones according to your needs.

For help creating prompt templates for your needs, feel free to reach out to our Customer Success team via for a personalized 30-minute prompting workshop.

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