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Add Custom AI Instructions

Guide to setting up AI Custom Instructions in NEXT for improving AI analysis and chat performance, tailored to your needs.

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Custom Instructions in NEXT AI serve a pivotal role in refining and directing the AI's capabilities for analyzing customer interaction transcripts and enhancing interactions in the chat interface. Similar to ChatGPT's use of Custom Instructions, NEXT AI leverages these directives to meet specific analytical needs and interaction styles within your Teamspace.

Accessing Custom Instructions

To access and set up Custom Instructions in NEXT AI:

  1. Navigate to Teamspace: Log in to NEXT AI and open a Teamspace.

  2. Open the Menu: Click the three dots [...] next to your Teamspace's name in the top menu.

  3. Select Custom Instructions: From the dropdown, choose AI Custom Instructions to start creating or modifying them.

Setting Up Custom Instructions

Setting up Custom Instructions involves a few key steps:

  1. Define Your Objectives: Determine what you aim to achieve with AI analysis. This could be enhancing customer sentiment analysis, focusing on specific product feedback, or improving the relevance of chat interactions.

  2. Craft Instructions: Create a set of directives that guide the AI. This could include language tone preferences, specific topics or keywords to prioritize, and interaction styles.

  3. Apply to Teamspace: Implement these instructions across your Teamspace, ensuring a unified approach in AI-driven analysis and interactions.

Use Cases for Custom Instructions

In Transcript Analysis

  • Enhanced Focus: Instruct the AI to concentrate on particular aspects of customer feedback, like usability issues or feature requests.

  • Detailed Sentiment Analysis: Guide the AI to perform nuanced sentiment analysis, identifying subtle tones and emotions in customer interactions.

  • Topic Aggregation: Direct the AI to cluster related topics for better thematic understanding.

In Chat Interface

  • Responsive Adaptation: Customize the AI to respond differently based on the nature of inquiries, ensuring relevance and context-awareness.

  • Tone Matching: Adjust the AI's conversational tone to match the desired level of formality or informality.

  • Information Prioritization: Instruct the AI to prioritize certain types of information when responding to queries, ensuring focused and relevant answers.

Best Practices for Custom Instructions

  1. Be Specific: Clearly define the objectives and expected outcomes of your instructions.

  2. Iterate and Optimize: Regularly review and update your instructions based on feedback and performance.

  3. Align with Goals: Ensure that your instructions align with your broader analytical and interaction goals within the Teamspace.

Custom Instructions in NEXT AI are a powerful tool for tailoring AI analysis and interaction to your specific needs. By effectively setting up and utilizing these instructions, you can significantly enhance the efficiency and relevance of AI-powered insights in your Teamspace.

For further help with setting up Custom Instructions, please reach out to our support team via or start a chat via the pink bubble at the bottom right corner.

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