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Manually create clusters from highlights
Manually create clusters from highlights
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Clusters are designed for validating and nurturing big-picture ideas with evidence of customer insights. Typically, they’re used for assumptions, top findings or insights, backlog items, or other items that require evidence. Clusters can be created from scratch in the “Clusters Library”, from a chat response, or manually from the Highlights Library.

Here's how to manually create a cluster from one or multiple highlights:

  1. Navigate to “Library” → “Highlights”

  2. Select one or multiple highlights

  3. Click “Create cluster”

  4. A cluster with the selected highlights will slide in from the side

  5. Give the cluster a title and add a description (Note: the AI will use this to auto-suggest related highlights)

  6. Close the cluster and it’s automatically saved

  7. Find Clusters back in the Clusters Library (”Library” → “Clusters”)

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