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Add Transcription Vocabulary
Add Transcription Vocabulary

Improve transcription quality by adding custom vocabulary to your teamspace.

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Setting up a Custom Transcription Vocabulary

  1. Accessing Transcription Vocabulary:

    • In your NEXT teamspace, navigate to the top menu.

    • Click the three dots [...] located behind the teamspace's name.

    • Select "Transcription Vocabulary."

  2. Adding Vocabulary:

    • In the dialog box that appears, you can add words, phrases and terms that are unique to your organization or project, such as specific jargon, abbreviations, and hard-to-understand words.

    • Enter each word or term on a new line.

    • Click "Save" to store your vocabulary

Note: The vocabulary you add will only be applied to new recordings, and won't apply to existing recordings! You can reupload recordings that you feel would benefit from your custom vocabulary.

Benefits of Transcription Vocabulary

  • Customization: Tailor the transcription process to your organization’s specific language, improving the accuracy of the transcripts.

  • Time-Saving: Reduce the need for post-transcription edits by ensuring that your unique terminology is correctly transcribed from the start.

Examples of Usage

  • Organizational Lingo: Include specific terms used within your company or industry.

  • Abbreviations: Add commonly used acronyms or abbreviations to ensure they are transcribed accurately.

  • Technical Terms: For industries with specialized vocabulary, such as medical or technical fields, this feature is particularly useful.

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