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Configure suggested Labels for Recordings and Clusters
Configure suggested Labels for Recordings and Clusters

Add or remove labels in your teamspace that are suggest to you when labeling Recordings and Clusters.

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In your teamspace you can configure the labels that are suggested to you when labeling recordings or clusters. This article explains how this works.

  1. Navigate to Label settings:

    • In your NEXT teamspace, find and click the three dots next to the teamspace name in the top menu.

    • Select "Labels" from the options presented.

  2. Tailoring Label Suggestions:

    • In the dialog box, you can add ore remove the suggested labels for your Recordings and Clusters.

    • This customization allows you to streamline your workflow by using labels that are most relevant to your projects, ensuring only the relevant labels pop up in the suggestion dialogs.

Key Considerations:

  • Label Customization: You have full control over the labels suggested for organizing your content.

  • Non-Disruptive Deletions: Removing a label from the suggestion list does not affect its presence on any Recordings or Clusters where it has already been applied. This ensures historical data remains organized as initially intended.

Efficient Organization: The ability to manage label suggestions in NEXT empowers users to keep their Recordings and Clusters well-organized and easily navigable, without affecting the existing categorization of previously labeled items. This feature is vital for maintaining consistency and clarity in your project management.

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