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Sharing Clusters

In this article we'll explain how you to share clusters as videos of evidence you collected into the cluster, via a link or integrations.

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Teams typically use clusters to organize and validate big-picture ideas and topics they are working on, such as strategic themes, top findings and insights, hypotheses or assumptions, product deliverables such as User Stories or PRDs, or UX deliverables, such as Personas or User Journeys.

With that in mind, being able to share Clusters in a meaningful way with team members or people outside your team, or even to other applications such as Jira or Slack, is key.

At NEXT, we believe sharing UX or product deliverables that are enhance by video (i.e. Clusters) help build a better understanding of your customers or end users and creates empathy for your customers across your team. Therefore, whenever you share a cluster, here's what you share:

  • The highlights contained in the Cluster a stitched-together video

  • The description of the Cluster

Clusters can be shared with anyone inside your team (with access to NEXT) or outside your team (with or without access to NEXT).

How will a shared cluster look like?

First things first, when sharing a cluster, as mentioned above, you'll share it as a video reel of highlights. To preview your cluster, you can play it. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Navigate to Library > Clusters

  • Open a Cluster

  • Click "Play"

  • A page will open where you can view the cluster as a video + text, which is how others will see the cluster when shared

Sharing clusters via a link

  • Navigate to Library > Clusters

  • Open a Cluster

  • Click "Share"

  • Click "Copy link"

  • Share the link with anyone you like

Sharing clusters via integrations

Clusters can also be shared directly to other applications you use with your product team, such as Jira, Github, Linear, Slack and many more (via Zapier). This is great if, for example, you use clusters to keep track of draft User Stories. To start with sharing via integrations, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Library > Clusters

  • Open a Cluster

  • Click "Share"

  • Click "Integration settings"

  • Follow the steps to set up Jira, Github or Linear integrations

πŸ‘‰ Alternatively, you can set up account-based integrations, such as Slack, via which you can share Clusters. To do so, take a look at our Integrations Help Articles for everything you need to know about setting up integrations.

Change who can access shared clusters

By default, clusters are "public", which means that anyone with the share link can access it. To adjust the share settings:

  1. Click "Share"

  2. Click "Share settings"

  3. Adjust who can see the cluster when they click on the link:

    1. Teamspace: only members of your teamspace

    2. Workspace: all NEXT members of your company

    3. Public: anyone with the link (optionally: add a password)

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