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What is the "Ask AI" chat?
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NEXT AI's chat interface, powered by OpenAI's advanced language model, is a dynamic portal for accessing customer insights. It's uniquely tailored to analyze customer interaction data, setting it apart from generic AI models.

Functionality & Use Cases

  1. Generative Use: Beyond generating standard UX/product artifacts, the chat can craft detailed Personas, User Journeys, and Product Requirement Documents (PRDs). It's also adept at composing Executive Summaries, suggesting follow-up research, and even writing Bug Reports or Implementation tickets.

  2. Analytical Use: The chat excels at dissecting your data library for specific insights. For instance, it can analyze customer feedback to refine a User Journey or extract key points for an Executive Summary, enabling quick, informed decisions.

  3. Workflow Integration: The chat’s outputs, including AI-generated text and evidence videos, seamlessly integrate into tools like Slack, Jira, or Productboard. This integration streamlines the decision-making process by making insights readily available in your existing workflow.

How to use the AI chat

  1. Via the top navigation menu: Click "Ask AI" in the top navigation menu for to start a chat on all data in your teamspace. Or use one of the Prompt Templates that appear in the center of the "Ask AI" page.

  2. Based on specific Recordings/Highlights: Start the chat from specific data points within NEXT, such as:

    • A single recording

    • Multiple recordings

    • A single highlight

    • Multiple highlights

In various areas of the app, "Ask AI" buttons are conveniently placed, allowing users to start the chat based on the selected data, using templates or even without templates for a more tailored experience.

Note: You can engage with the chat by typing your prompts manually, or you can leverage Prompt Templates, which are predefined prompts + highlight searches for various use cases. We offer a number of Prompt Templates out of the box, but you can also create your own prompt templates, tailored to your needs and routines. For more information, read this help article.

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