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Create or edit Highlights in Recordings
Create or edit Highlights in Recordings

In this article we'll explain how you can create or edit highlights while working in recordings.

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Whenever you upload a recording to NEXT, our AI will automatically create highlights of key customer moments, such as customer pains, needs, feedback, bugs and more. In some cases, you want to dig a little deeper and create highlights manually or edit what the AI has created for you. Here we give a quick overview of how you can work with highlights inside a recording.

Reviewing Highlights

  • Open a recording in the “Library” → “Recordings”

  • View the automatically generated highlights on the left below the video/audio player

Creating Highlights Manually

  • Open a recording in the “Library” → “Recordings”

  • Select the desired text in the transcript

  • Click “Create Highlight” (add tags if desired)

Tagging Highlights

  • In a Recording, click on a highlight on the left

  • Select “Add Tags” and choose or create relevant tags

Editing Highlight Titles

  • Click on the highlight’s title inside a Recording

  • Edit the title and click outside to save

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